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If you are looking to access an allied health service (such as a dentist, optometrist, chiropractor or dietitian) at this time, you could call your allied healthcare provider or check their website to see what services are available and if there are any limitations.








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Finding  A Service Provider during COVID-19

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Hospital Insurance Cover

Will my hospital insurance cover me for in-patient hospital treatment of COVID-19 if needed? 

Our hospital cover is a 'Gold' level of cover, meaning it covers all clinical categories available in a recognised hospital. The Department of Health has advised that treatment for COVID-19 is largely supportive treatment for respiratory symptoms, such as pneumonia. Under the defined hospital clinical categories most hospital treatments for COVID-19 would be covered by the ‘Lung and chest’ clinical category and, for those patients at risk of presenting renal issues, this would be covered by the ‘Kidney and bladder’ and the ‘Dialysis for chronic kidney failure’ categories. As our hospital cover is gold standard, it covers all clinical categories without exclusions, so you can be confident you hold cover for the clinical categories the Department of Health have identified above.

However it's important to understand that Australia's healthcare system is currently actioning a state-based response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, holding private health insurance will not get you preferential treatment such as avoiding waiting lists, choice of hospital or specialist team. Instead the GP/medical team will follow state protocol and instruct you whether to stay home and isolate or will triage you to an assigned hospital in your area depending on your risks and symptoms. The Royal Flying Doctors is acting in remote areas and will relocate patients to an assigned COVID-19 hospital again based on state-based protocols.

Rollover Benefit

Our unique Rollover Benefit means you won’t lose it if you can’t use it right now

As our Rollover Benefit allows members to carry over any used Annual Maximum benefit that is not claimed during the previous calendar year into the following year, you’ll have access to higher annual maximums once you’re able to visit your health provider once more, so you’ll be able to schedule catch-up appointments (subject to waiting periods and annual limits).

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Mental Health

Tele-Consult Benefits

Parent's Guide

New tele-consult benefits help you keep up your treatment from the comfort of home 

Police Health have introduced teleconsult benefits for:

•Occupational Therapy
•Speech Therapy

To confirm whether you’re able to receive benefits for the above services, get in touch by calling 1800 603 603. 

Looking after your mental health through COVID-19 

Download our guide catered specifically for Police, Emergency Services workers and their families. It includes identifying warning signs, coping tools and further online tools and resources

A guide for parents on talking to your kids about COVID-19

Protecting your children from the world you see day-in day-out as a police or emergency services worker is always top of mind, but for once we’re confronted with a problem affecting everybody, and it’s outside of your control. It’s hard to know the right way to talk to kids about coronavirus. 

Too little information and the problem appears minor, too much and it can feel like nothing they do will make much difference.

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Fitness professionals have had to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, with many of them going online. From H.I.I.T to Pilates and Yoga, and everything in between, there has never been more lounge room and backyard friendly workouts available.

Download and print our colouring-in pages to keep the little ones entertained while you’re out there protecting the community. And if you have time around the job, join in too. Colouring-in is a proven calming tool for both adults and kids.

Click the images below to view some of our favourite free resources;

Click the below images to download them and get colouring.

Staying Informed

We know this can be an uncertain time, so we want to keep you updated and informed about coronavirus (COVID-19) and the ways we’re helping our members

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